Company Overview
APP Global Incorporated is one of the foremost raw materials supplier in the industry. With our linkage to the global market and partnership with manufacturing factories, we are actively involved with quality manufactured products that are available in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. We assist to bring the global market to our customers as the market dynamically changes to reflect the quality of the products, pricings, and services. Lastly we mitigate cost on volatile items and help our customers grow business.

Just as much as APP Global Inc. respects their customers, the products are also held in the same manner of esteem. From the starting period of when the products were planned for production to packaging then to shipping, we confirm that the products were produced with finesse and thorough inspection. Through this, we ensure that our products are safe and of merit to be considered a raw material of nutritional benefits.     

APP Global Inc. currently operates and trains employees under the cGMP and Good Distribution Practice guidelines. The establishments of our Standard Operating Procedure - for warehousing procedures, material verification, recall process, customer complaint services, and supplier qualification, further exemplifies the significance for safe and quality products. For the assurance of safe and quality products, we check that each supplied product is a product manufactured from GMP and ISO certified manufacturers.     
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